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RESCUE Diver Course

Want to be prepared to save lives and make a difference? The 3 day Rescue Course includes oxygen use during training and an onsite Hyperbaric Chamber tour. The course itself will test your current skills and abilities in and out of the water! Over the course’s duration you will expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence! The PADI Rescue Diver course is a pivotal step in dive education and skill development. The PADI Rescue Diver course teaches you to look beyond yourself and consider the safety of other divers. The course is both physically and mentally demanding but most people comment that it's the most rewardingPADI diving course they've ever taken.

Our High-Quality PADI Rescue Diver course runs year-round, on demand and includes:

✔ Small group sizes

✔ Two free extra dives after graduation

✔ Accommodation included

✔ T-shirt included

✔ Rental gear with dive computer included

The complete course costs $369 USD

Small group.png

Small group sizes

Bed ICON.png

Accommodation included

Yellow Snorkel_edited.png

Two extra dives!

What’s Involved?

Knowledge Development is crucial theory work, ensuring that the student understands all that is required and expected of a Rescue Diver. This covers topics such as self-rescue, tired and panicked divers, unconscious divers, Decompression Illness and oxygen usage to mention just a few.

Skill Development is normally a full day event as there are many skills to learn and develop to a very high standard. Here at the Bay Islands College of Diving we would normally conduct the skills primarily in the on-site pool or off our pier, allowing lots of time to practice each of the techniques. The second day you will be taken in to open water to apply the skills you’ve developed in a more challenging environment

Open Water Scenarios are to demonstrate mastery of a complete rescue encompassing search of a missing diver, exiting the diver and administering oxygen and CPR to an unresponsive patient.

What Do I Need To Start?

Because a large part of the content requires students to have some primary and secondary first aid ability, you will need to have First Aid and CPR training. You can complete this through the PADI EFR Course with us or with an equivalent to EFR from another training organization, provided it included First Aid and CPR application within the last two years. (Please have proof of this!)

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