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Technical Diving Course Package in Utila

This program combines the Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 diver courses into one long program. You will meet the certification requirements for each level and ultimately learn how to plan and execute decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50m/165ft, using multiple gases and oxygen to accelerate your decompression.

Our High-Quality PADI Tec Deep Package runs year-round, on demand and includes:

✔ Duration 9-10 Days

✔ Includes All 3 levels and Materials

✔ One-on-one Guidance where needed

✔ Extra Counseling Dives if needed

The complete course costs $1380 USD

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Platinum Trainers


Gas Included

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New Equipment


With the use of multiple decompression gases for accelerated decompression, including pure oxygen and the maximum depth of this program, risks for serious injury or death are very real, causes including (but not limited to) narcosis, decompression sickness and oxygen toxicity.

The Technical Diver Instructor team at the College of Diving will train you to prevent and manage these risks within reason but you must be willing to accept these risks, as well as accepting that certification will be entirely dependant on your performance and attitude during the program.


Over the course of 9-10 days, you and the instructional team at the Bay Islands College of Diving will work through all the academics for this demanding program.

You will learn how to plan decompression dives using desktop decompression software, how to set up a technical diving rig and how to rig and lable stage bottles. You will analyze gases, perform safety checks and run through the briefings with your team mates.

Through several limited open water training dives, simulated decompression dives and actual decompression dives, you will slowly expand your abilities.

The Tec 40/45/50 Tec Deep Diver course is a very demanding but rewarding program that takes you where very few divers have gone before.


During this Tec 50 course you will use several enriched air blends. Because the technical diver is always part of a TEAM, at the College of Diving we ask that you pursue the Gas Blender certification before or during your Technical diver training.

As an Enriched Air Gas Blender, you will be certified to use partial pressure and continuous flow blending techniques to generate gas blends of any oxygen percentage. An essential component to preparing for the technical dives that will be part of the Tec 50 course!

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