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Technical Diving Course Utila

Once you are comfortable with the theory, dive planning and diving skills of the Tec 40 diver level and you have demonstrated your abilities as a decompression diver, the time has come to develop your skills to the next level. Learn how to make decompression dives to a depth of 45m/145ft, introducing enriched air gases to accelerate your decompression.

The complete PADI Tec 45 Course costs 460 USD.

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As you progress through the Tec 40/45/50 course sequence, the risk for serious injury and death increase.

Throughout the Tec 45 course you will learn teachniques to increase your safety, such as the use of an enriched air blend for conservatism during decompression but these techniques also create other potential risks and it is essential that you understand and accept these risks.

With your Tec Instructor at the College of Diving, you will further develop your skills as a technical diver.


As a certified Tec 40 diver, you will be able to start the academics for the Tec 45 course and start mastering the skills for planning Tec 45 dives.

You will review the academics with your Tec Instructor and make several dive plans, some of which you will execute during the course. You will make a series of training dives in limited open water and simulated decompression dives.

When your Tec Instructor at the College of Diving approves of your skill level as displayed during the simulated decompression dives, you will (as part of a technical dive team) plan and execute a decompression dive to a maximum depth of 45m/145 ft.

Flawless execution of this dive, as well as completion of the Tec 45 diver exam will result in a PADI TecRec Tec 45 Diver certification.


During this Tec 45 course you will use several enriched air blends. Because the technical diver is always part of a TEAM, at the College of Diving we ask that you pursue the Gas Blender certification before or during your Technical diver training.

As an Enriched Air Gas Blender, you will be certified to use partial pressure and continuous flow blending techniques to generate gas blends of any oxygen percentage. An essential component to preparing for the technical dives that will be part of the Tec 45 course!

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