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Technical Diving Course Utila

You will use up to two enriched air gases or pure oxygen for decompression, while making decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50m/165 feet. This Tec 50 diver course is the pinnacle of the Tec Deep Diver Technical course stream.

The complete PADI Tec 50 Course costs 460 USD.

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Platinum Trainers


Gas Included

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New Equipment


With the introduction of multiple decompression gases for accelerated decompression, including pure oxygen and the maximum depth of this program, risks for serious injury or death are very real, causes including (but not limited to) narcosis, decompression sickness and oxygen toxicity.

The Technical Diver Instructor team at the College of Diving will train you to prevent and manage these risks within reason but you must be willing to accept these risks, as well as accepting that certification will be entirely dependant on your performance and attitude during the program.


During the PADI TecRec Tec 50 diver course, our focus is on mission planning and execution, as well as preventing and solving emergencies.

The course starts with academics and dive planning exercises in the classroom. Using desktop decompression software, you and your team will learn to plan decompression dives with extended, accellerated decompression stops, using two gases.

After the academics we’ll run through a series of training dives and ultimately you and the team will plan and complete two decompression dives to a maximum depth of 50m/165ft while completing a mission.

The overriding mission for every dive is still the same: To finish the dive alive with all team members.


The Bay Islands College of Diving has been an established dive center for 25 years, which is why our facilities are easily among the best in the Caribbean.

  • Dorm style, private or resort-style accommodation available in our onsite rooms (additional fee applies)

  • Onsite Hyperbaric Chamber and Trauma Center

  • Air conditioned classrooms with full multimedia technology and internet access

  • Classrooms, training site and boat docks on one location!

  • Onsite resort access with restaurant, bar and pool table

The Utila Lodge ( shares its dock with the Bay Islands College of Diving. With a total of three 45 foot dive boats, several smaller craft, a bar and restaurant and a sunbathing area with hammocks, we have the largest and most comfortable dock space in Utila. Perfect for quietly hiding away to study, relax with a beer after a busy day or just to watch the sunset with the rest of the team!

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