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Technical Instructor Training in Utila

The Tec Deep Diver Instructor course will qualify you to independently conduct the Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 diver courses to divers who meet the prerequisites. This instructor training course is a demanding 5-day event (longer if needed to meet all the requirements) will assess your personal technical diving knowledge and skills and will develop your demonstration abilities in regards to technical diving skills, your presentation and evaluation skills and your technical dive planning abilities. The Instructor training course is completed with a teaching internship on real technical diving courses where you can prove your newly gained instructor abilities.

Our High-Quality PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course runs year-round, on demand and includes:

✔ Duration 5 Days + Internship

✔ Includes All Materials

✔ Includes Hyperbaric Chamber Orientation

✔ Extra Counseling Dives if needed

The complete course costs $1200 USD

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Platinum Trainers


Gas Included

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New Equipment


Becoming a Tec Deep Instructor is not necessarily a logical next step in your professional diving career. It is a specialized career choice for those instructors who are up to the challenge. Please consider if you are willing to assume the risks for serious injury or death that come with technical diving and technical diving instruction. Many diving instructors enjoy happy and fulfilling careers without these added risks.

If you are willing to accept these risks and your increased duty of care when teaching these programs, you may find that teaching PADI TecRec programs is a very challenging but rewarding addition to your professional currciulum.


We can assist you in training up to meet the prerequisites and exit requirements. Contact us with your specific credentials and we can create a custom training package for you. Instructors who aren’t Tec Diver certified yet, can start their training with the Tec 40, 45 and 50 diver courses, followed by instructor training, regularly scheduled decompression dives and Tec diver course internships to meet all the exit requirements and beyond but remember: you are not buying a credential and certification is not guaranteed! Peer review at the end of your training will state if you are ready to conduct your own TecRec courses. This demanding curriculum involves significantly higher risks for you and your students and we will be expecting the highest performance from all Tec Deep Instructor candidates.


To make sure you are a well-rounded Tec Deep instructor, our PADI TecRec Tec Deep Instructor training course also includes a Hyperbaric Chamber workshop and dry dive which will expose you to the clinical treatments for potential tec diving accidents. Although these accidents are extremely rare in Utila, our Hyperbaric chamber is on constant stand-by to serve divers and local citizens for decompression emergencies of any kind. Having this extra knowledge will definitely benefit you as a technical diving instructor.

Because Technical diving courses are very equipment intense programs, your Tec Deep Instructor training course with College of Diving will also come with a complimentary PADI Equipment Specialty Instructor course (you just cover the PADI fee).

The equipment specialist course focuses on general care and maintenance procedures for SCUBA equipment. While equipment servicing can obviously only be performed by licenced service technicians, having an extensive background into the function and proper care of SCUBA diving and technical diving equipment, as well as trouble shooting abilities are a great asset to the technical diver and being able to teach this specialty course is a logical addition to your Tec Deep Instructor credential.

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