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Another 100% Pass on the July IDC/IE!

This is what happiness looks like

Isto é pura felicidade!

Jan, Veronika, Elena, Kevin, Lisa, Meg, Will and Paton are now PADI SCUBA Instructors! // Jan, Veronika, Elena, Kevin, Lisa, Meg, Will e Paton agora são Instrutores de Mergulho PADI!

Hard work, passion, dedication and team spirit paid dividends today with an all pass at the Instructor Examination. // Trabalho duro, paixão e espírito de equipo valeram a pena hoje quando todos passaram seus Exames de Instrutor.

That's 8 straight years of uninterrupted 100% pass at the First IE. No other facility in the Caribbean comes even close to this level of performance. // São 8 anos consecutivos de 100% aprovação no primeiro Exame de Instrutor (PADI IE). Nenhum outro estabelecimento do Caribe chega nem perto deste nível de proeza.

Made possible by 8-time PADI Platinum Course Directors Nick Derutter, Stephen J Aynsley and IDC Staff Instructor Renata Bonfa. // Isso só é possível graças aos ganhadores 8 vezes do PADI Platinum Course Directors, Nick Derutter e Stephen J Aynsley, e à IDC Staff Instructor, Renata Bonfa.

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BICD IDC was a wonderful experience and would highly recommend. Renata and Nick prescriptively design instruction to meet the needs of all students. They ensure success for every student through hard work and dedication. The care and devotion to learning the PADI system is first class and well worth the time and effort. Jump at the chance to be part of a wonderful, caring, learning environment.

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